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Water Filtration Overview

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Water Ionizer vendors as a whole have very little experience in the water filter industry.

That’s why most alkaline water ionizer vendors have been able to offer only very basic filtration with a very expensive water ionizer.

At AlkaWay we’ve always understood that pure water is the base – the foundation of health.

We are very lucky to live in a country that supplies relatively clean water when the majority of people on earth are deprived of this basic necessity.
However, our water is fast succumbing to the combined pressure of aging infrastructure plus the problems of uncontrolled pollution. Even simple acts like tossing contraceptive pills and old medicines down the toilet have created huge new challenges never before faced by our water management people.

The Flint disaster in the US was caused by a  simple change of water supply pH and yet the consequences are huge. We believe in talking the power to keep healthy back from outside authority and a good water filter using the very latest technology available in our ‘bottom line’ in the design of our own UltraStream and in a selection of all of our water-related products.

We also understand that for most people, learning what’s in their water is an unpalatable and thankless task, so they choose to bypass the problem and accept the wild claims of cheap imported Asian filter vendors.

If you want good water, we suggest you choose not to believe the labels. A small investment in learning how to choose a water filter system right for you will pay off for years.. and years.. and years.

Finally, there’s something we’ve noticed over our 19 years.

You’ll get excited about a new water filter but neglect it when the time comes to replace the filter. We put it down to the changing attitudes we all have to the value of our personal health. We don’t blame anyone for this phenomena, but we do our best to install in all our clients the same reverence and respect for this most essential commodity; water.

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