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Alkaline Water and Fitness

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Unknown to most people, alkaline water has played a major part in supporting successful athletes – human and equine – for many years.

We have supplied many, many athletes with alkaline water systems because of its ability to support faster recovery and to neutralise lactic acid.

In the racing industry, we’ve supplied alkaline water systems to stables where they were used as the main water source of thoroughbred racehorses because trainers understood the advantage this gave them.

It’s also sold in bottle form, usually under the name of electrolytes.

AlkaWay gives you many ways to alkalize, but installing your own Alkaline Water filter gives 24/7 alkaline support. Just drink water!

keegan smith 2Performance Coach chooses UltraStream

“Pure water is the base for performance. I discovered that Alkaline Water has additional benefits to ordinary filtered water or minerally-depleted reverse osmosis water. More research is also becoming available to demonstrate the performance enhancement aspects of hydrogen-rich, structured water… red blood cell movement depends on optimal pH and hydration.

I’ve been drinking this water for a year now and it’s certainly been the healthiest, happiest, strongest year of my life so far!”

Keegan Smith – Team Performance Coach



james newberryCross fit Champ Chooses UltraStream

“My name is James Newbury I am a 23 years old have been using UltraStream for the past 6 months religiously. It is the purest tasting water I have ever had and I feel so much better when I drink during training and competitions. I have just competed in the Australian Men’s Fitness Fit bloke challenge and placed 1st overall after coming 2nd for the past 2 years. I truly believe my improved performance has to be in some part a result of using the UltraStream water and allowing myself to rehydrate and recover faster and better than the competition.”

James Newbury

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