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Which Alkaline Water

What is the BEST Alkaline Water

When you begin to search for the best alkaline water for you, it can be very, very confusing.

So we’re going to make it simple.

The best alkaline water is ultra pure water with alkaline minerals in it.

The best ultrapure Alkaline Water is water that has the right level of pH, and hopefully, the ability to adjust that pH.

The very best alkaline ultrapure water is also antioxidant, with infused molecular hydrogen in the water.

It’s important to be aware that many so-called Alkaline Water ionizers DO NOT add alkaline minerals to the water. They simply concentrate the ones already present in a reduced amount of water. If few alkaline minerals are present in the input water you’ll get a similarly low Alkaline Water out. If the input water is already alkaline, the resultant ionized water will often be over-alkalized.

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