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Over 20 models over the last two years…

It’s certainly confusing trying to discern your best buy in a hydrogen portable.

We’ve tested over 20 in the last two years and in that time found not one model we could stand behind.

But assuming there is a good one.. how do you decide that you should buy it?

  1. Hydrogen levels

    The parts per million of molecular hydrogen that a bottle creates has a direct bearing on its usefulness and, therefore, value. The more H2, the better value.

    Let’s dive in a  bit more because few people know what a good parts per million is. (BTW it’s also called PPB and Mg/Litre)
    Further, this is an unfolding science, and methods of H2 production give vastly different levels of H2. What we can say is that higher is better. Unlike traditional health supplements, H2 enters the body and leaves the body with ease due to it being the smallest known molecule. There is no buildup in the body. It follows that the more you can take up in one glassful, the better chance the H2 will find a molecule it can react within the body.

    It follows that a high PPM in a small amount of water will give a lesser result than the same PPM in a larger amount of water.
    When we use the term Milligrams per litre we have a better comparison point because suddenly we are comparing onions with onions: PPM per LITRE. It gives us a weight of H2 in a litre of water. Now we can more easily compare delivery methods.

  2. To properly understand the place a portable Hydrogen pod

    ..has in the spectrum of hydrogen delivery systems we need to take a look at alternatives, their efficiency in MG/L terms and their cost of owning them. Let’s do that now.

  3. The best performance we have tested with our hydrogen pod

    ..was 4mg/L. To archive this we ran the Pod twice rather than once. We had 370ml of water with a concentration of 4Mg/L. To get a litre of water to drink at that level we’d need to repeat this process three times to make a litre.

  4. Electric Water Ionizers

    The best scientific laboratory test we’ve sighted for an electronic water ionizer is 0.3ppm. To get one litre of this water you’d need to run it at a flow rate that gives you a litre. This is easy enough, but to do so you’ll sacrifice an almost equal amount of water that goes down the drain. And the device will cost you around $5000.

    Here’s the big problem: to get the equivalent amount of H2 into your body from such a device, you’d need to drink (1L x 0.3Mg/L x 13 litres) Yes, you heard right. 13 litres. If you are buying a water ionizer to gain the health benefits of H2, then your $300 Hydrogen Pod delivers the same H2 at 1/16th of the cost! Actually, it’s much worse because the basic filtration of the electric ionizer means you have another few hundred dollars per year to pay out just to get reasonably clean water. And let’s (just for a moment) ignore the environmental issue of all that wastewater. You” waste as much water as you use. That’s the design flaw of the electric ionizer’s old technology.

  5. Natural Water Filter/Ionizers

    Devices like the UltraStreinfuse H2 into their output water by causing a reaction between magnesium media and the input water.  We’ll use the scientific test lab report we have on file which shows an H2 output level of 1.1mg/L. So to match the litre of 4ppm water, you’d need somewhere between 3 and 4 litres consumed per day. Compared to the crazy amount of water an electric ionizer owner would need to consume, it is certainly much better, but still not as high as the Pod. Here at home we combine the UltraStream‘s superb filtration ability with the Pod’s superb H2 ability.

    The UltraStream delivers consistently ultra pure alkaline, H2 enriched water. We use that water in the Pod so in effect we are supercharging the Pod water even more. A great combo.

  6. Tablets

    The hydrogen tablet has advanced in leaps and bounds in Mg/L ability. Although inventors claim very high Mg/Litre, one must remember that a figure like 7 or 8 Mg/L in a 250l glass of water is not the same as 7-8 Mg/L in a litre of water.


    Hopefully this short exposition will assist you in understanding that a good level of H2 on a daily basis need not cost you $5000. In fact by combining technologies of Pod, tablet and natural water ionizer you have so much more flexibility of where and when you get this highly perishable health support, you have ultra Pure water which complements the Pod, and you have the tablet which gives you total freedom to access H2 anywhere you roam.

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