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Alkaline Balance

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What is Alkaline Balance?

It’s the body’s ability to balance alkaline and acids in the body.

Why are people talking about it?

Because we’re waking up to the fact that our diet and lifestyle are now hugely tilted towards excess acid uptake. This happens in the forms of food, drink, food additives, stress – external, mental and metabolic – pollution .. the list expands almost monthly!

What actually happens in the body?
The body’s prime directive is to remain within a very narrow range of pH. If not, death soon follows.

When an imbalance occurs, the body does everything possible to immediately rebalance back to alkaline. To do this, it needs what is known as an alkaline buffer. Simply, this is a storehouse of alkaline minerals it can call on to neutralize the acid tide.

Unfortunately, most of modern man’s alkaline buffer has long gone, used up by the body to counteract the highly unnatural flood of acids. So the body does what it has to. It begins to pillage its own body for the vital alkalis. Think bones, organs.

Alkaline Balance …

therefore may be supported by a continual replenishment of these vital alkaline minerals. It’s not possible to have too much Alkaline Water or supplement as the body manages its buffer levels and excesses will be eliminated via urination.

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