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100 Studies Of Alkaline Water

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Download – 100 Studies Of Alkaline Water – Health significance of water calcium and magnesium

There’s so much more in this 34-page report and we are giving it away for free!

What you’ll learn…

  • We discuss actual properties of alkaline water including a relatively unknown property known as anti-toxicity.
  • We talk about the correct dosage of calcium and magnesium and the effects of the wrong ratio of Cal/Mag.
  • You’ll learn all about the difference between getting alkaline minerals through food and through water and you’ll be amazed.
  • You’ll find out why hard water is more suited to human consumption than pure water.
  • We show you what happens when people stop drinking Alkaline Water and try to survive on ‘pure’ water.
  • You’ll see the results of studies into the effect of hard water on a wide range of cancers.
  • You’ll see how hard water helps blood pressure problems.
  • You’ll learn the difference between the various water alkalisers and the water they produce.
  • You’ll understand the difference between buffered and unbuffered alkalinity and which one is right for you.

(Please note, the report is for information only and does not purport to offer medical advice. Statements in the report have not been evaluated by the FDA or the TGA.)

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